How to build a good skin care routine….

Comment élaborer une bonne routine de soin de peau…. 

Or how to create a date with you!

A good skin care routine should integrate your whole being: your skin, your emotions, your thoughts. It must be synonymous with pleasure and must speak to the sensual part in you. 

Why such a requirement? Because you are a complete, complex, interconnected being and therefore the condition of your skin is primarily a reflection of what is going on within you, in your head. Are you in a good phase of your life? Your skin radiates! You are in love? Your hair is shiny, even if you don’t take special care of it. 

And the reverse is also true. Are you brooding? The face and morale take a hit. A soothing bath, a treatment lavished in a serene environment, and you are refreshed. We are complex and complete beings. There is no point in slicing us into small pieces taken separately. 

Routine or ritual? 

In this article we are talking about ritual rather than routine, why? Because a ritual has a sacred, sacred notion, like the relationship to your skin.

Since ancient times, rituals have been established to set a framework in society, to allay fears, to be part of a community, to mark changes of state. Their function is to create a framework in which one feels safe. And even though we don't use the term ritual, our lives are punctuated by it. Brushing your teeth before bed is a ritual that gently brings us into the rest phase, taking a shower in the morning is also a ritual of awakening. Kissing each other before leaving for work, when returning home, pouring out a coffee when we get out of bed ... all these little gestures that we do almost without thinking are there to punctuate our days with small rituals of passage from the outer sphere to the private sphere, from a mundane moment to an intimate sphere etc… They come to set up a reassuring framework which allows us to roam from one area to another of our life in a serene way.

By setting this intention for a skin care ritual, we make this moment sacred, we give it importance, we are better, more present. It's a moment of listening to yourself, it's a moment of looking at each other, really. So charge it with maximum positive energies, beautiful vibrations and a lot of benevolence! 

A skin care ritual becomes in fact nourishing the soul, a way of taking care of your psyche, it is no longer a skin care but an anchoring ritual, sometimes a healing treatment, certain atmospheres, certain essences can act so much on the mind and its condition. 

For my part, like many other women, I live at 200 miles an hour. I can not ask myself despite all the goodwill, and taking care of my skin has become the moment to find myself, my meeting with myself, this moment of benevolent introspection, this space where I encourage myself, I smile to myself, I tell myself that I am doing my best and that it is very good like that. Sometimes, it becomes the moment to put on my armor, to fill my tanks, to fill up my courage, before difficult meetings, a very busy day, an expected moment of separation ... or even the moment when I heal my wounds after a tense day, complicated meetings, observations where really, even at 200 an hour I can not complete everything ... in short, the appeasement of all those moments when nothing is going well.

So over time, and during the evolution of a life, these routines can be more or less long, regular and frozen in time, and then the mental load, the responsibilities, the rhythm of life have made that these routines diminish over time, or we feel guilty for not taking the time necessary to live them, to settle down etc ... 

In the end, you find yourself whipping yourself because you haven't taken enough care of yourself, which is a shame in itself! Do you find yourself in this diagram? Welcome to the club! For my part, I had to put it all over again and I came out with some rules: 

What is a skin care ritual

  • A skincare ritual is first or foremost a moment of pleasure. In no case should it be a burden, ever!
  • A care ritual is a reunion with oneself, with a loved one. Never sulk for a moment, however short it may be with a loved one, appreciate it at its true value and if it is possible to extend it, do it with pleasure,
  • As in love, a skincare ritual is unique to you! Don't try to copy someone else's, but learn to create your own. 
  • You don't have to break the bank to look beautiful, you don't have to pile up products. Having great skin is first and foremost a matter of respecting your nature. It is often said that beauty is within. I think it goes beyond beauty of soul or character…. A woman who radiates is beautiful !! No matter how similar to the stereotypes of the moment, a woman who radiates from within catches the eye, makes you want to be like her. It comes first from acceptance and self-love. So respect who you are, respect your skin and it will pay you back a hundredfold. 

As in a love story, it is first about discovering the nature of your skin, who it is and what its needs are. A healthy love story begins with accepting others as they are, discovering their good qualities, and accepting their shortcomings. The same goes for your skin. And as in love, when we are accepted as we are, we blossom ... and like a flower we bloom. So when you find yourself dark circles in the morning, or a pimple in the corner of your face, before jumping on a concealer, find out what need your skin is expressing, and try to respond to it. And test, try. Like a lover, be curious and caring.  

A skincare ritual is not just a list of products 

  • a meeting with oneself, to be sacred, say once a month. 
  • regular sleep schedules because nothing beats a good night's sleep against established dark circles,
  • Breaks during which you hydrate your body and skin with water !!! Coffee does not count, on the contrary!
  • Moments taken with joy and pleasure, with tenderness to take care of yourself, in the evening before going to bed, in the morning under and out of the shower, try, even 30s.
  •  Why not a moment between two doors, two meetings, to come and bring a touch of comfort when necessary. 

A healing ritual involves first and foremost understanding and kindness to yourself… like when you're with the person you love most in the world… same! 

So, beyond the cosmetic products that we create, our ambition is first of all to create a space in your life, in your being, to get to know you, to find you with great pleasure, and to take care of you. . How? 'Or' What? Well follow the guide…. 

Let's create the framework, or the invitation of the senses 

The best way to start a good habit is to invite your emotions first. They are the best engine you can rely on to perpetuate and build a habit. So we are going to use and abuse the pleasures of the senses:  

First the place

Skin care is very often confined to the bathroom. What could be simpler, when all your products are at hand. However, you must first ask yourself if this place is the most suitable for you, perhaps you have a place in your home where you feel better, a small corner next to a window for example, or a cozy sofa or armchair where you feel particularly good. Choose a place where you feel good and a place where you want to spend time. If that is not possible then make your bathroom your cocoon. A plant, a candle placed and lit as to punctuate this meeting can change everything!

 Invite the colors !! 

Chromotherapy is becoming quite well known now and colors are often used to arouse emotions, a nice green or blue can calm the mind, a nice yellow or orange can instill a nice energy. Use and abuse colors to create your cocoon. Sometimes it just comes down to the color of the towels you are going to use, the colors on the walls, the small accessories used. Make this cocoon yours, put your signature on it, it's your home, make it your own. 

Scents are your allies 

Aromatherapy is no longer to present. Think of a rose that captivates you with its scent, or meeting a field of lavender on a walk, the smell of freshly cut grass and note the effect it has on you. Well use that power! Essential oils have become mainstream and we know the effect it has on the soul. We are soothed by the smell incense, we are energized by a citrus scent ... Invite them! Invite these scents into your cocoon because they create an anchoring effect. This is the reason our products smell so good. Because we know the effect it has on our moods. 

Plan a scented candle, a room fragrance, a shower spray or simply a bottle of essential oils that you will inhale before or after your ritual. This repetition will allow you to enter a calm and serene state more and more quickly and you can call him during the day, at complicated times for example. A small roll-on of lavender scented oil can magically relieve stress. 

Touch, this sensual act

What more intimate gesture exists than touching skin? More sensual than gently brushing it with intention, running your fingers gently over a cheek, over the skin of an arm, leg, back. Touching a person is in itself a gesture of love, a beautiful gesture. The same should be true for your skin. And using products that are pleasant to the touch is part of these rituals. So be present, be the finger running through your face, and the face running through your fingers, and feel it deep inside. And have fun doing it!  

Anchor the cocoon with sound

Let's play the game to the end. Put on beautiful music, lifting in the morning, soothing in the evening ... but invite that sense too. Music, the sounds of nature have such an effect on us that it is a shame to miss them. So Beyonce going all out if that sounds like you, or the whisper of a waterfall… you are worth it !! Even for a minute or two, when you love you don't count! And the effect on morale is immediate so abuse it!

Invite your taste buds 

There is still a meaning, we are not going to exclude it, far from it !! Without falling into severe hygienism which establishes that everything must be organic, herbal tea, etc. Taking care of yourself means indulging yourself, in moderation and parsimony, but without becoming an ayatollah of hygiene. Herbal tea can do you the most good and its effect ripples through your skin. If from time to time now you prefer to enjoy a glass of wine ... never mind, you celebrate your reunion with yourself then ... moderation and pleasure are your watchwords! 

We are complex beings, we are made of molecules, cells, various emotions, thoughts and states of mind. It is essential to take care of the whole so ... long live holistic approaches. Set the scene! Take care of your emotions, they will help you take care of your skin. 

Finally, let's sanctify this moment 

Let's be honest, almost everything comes first ... the shopping list, the phone ringing, the late emails to process, the clothes piling up, the dinner to prepare ... hurt us women. Well, make this bubble yours and the highest priority for as long as you decide. 5 minutes or 1 hour ... sanctify it! put a sign on the door with "no disturbance", set an alarm on the phone by forbidding anyone to call you before it rings ... put your phone in airplane mode ... in short .. sanctify this time for you. You will come out of it even more refreshed and you will be firing on all cylinders, you will be much more efficient relaxed so put the guilt at the door without any consideration!

The appointment is made, the place is chosen, the stage is set ... let's get to know this sublime organ which is your skin, your soul mirror ... and let's understand its needs .... following the next post!

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