I (ux) alchemist

Je (ux) d'alchimiste

The process of creating a cosmetic product is surely the same approach as one has to create a new dish, a new flavor, a new table .... For my part, I consider it an artistic process, without the side "I'm all alone in my head" :). And I wanted to share it with you, because each product can be improved, and with regard to the creator, we see what we have done with pride but we often focus on what is lacking. 

So before I tell you what's going on in my head during this process, I want to tell you what I dream of creating. 

I dream of a limited, versatile range, a range that would soothe, repair, help heal, but first and foremost that would restore the balance of your skin. 

When a plant looks bad, you first start by balancing its environment, when a rose bush does not bloom, you put it in a sunny place, you fix the necessary amount of water, you rebalance the ground, and you leave this rosebush regain its intrinsic strength and beauty. The same goes for the skin. 

My dream is therefore to create a limited range, which would act on the various skin problems that we encounter, first of all to rebalance the skin, and to allow it to regain all its vigor and its original beauty which are in it. 

And so, to do so, the first spark is a healing intention. What imbalance do I want to treat? is it a concern of dehydration? is it a need to maintain hydration longer, is it a wish to support the skin in regeneration? 

Take the mask I was planking on. I wanted to combine deep cleansing of the skin, with a poultice function that can be applied as desired and that accompanies a moment of relaxation, a moment of introspection, or of reading, or of reverie. . can be a sweet moment for mother and child, or a cuddly moment between lovers, or a moment of benevolent reunion with oneself.  

Then, once the intention is set, it's the ball of the beautiful. What would be good for all skin types first. A deep cleaning but also gently, then fine clays and activated carbon present themselves. A soothing of the weakened skin, then the calendula, the chamomile, the licorice and the marshmallow present themselves. A boost anyway to give energy to this pretty skin? gotu kola, chaga, camu camu, reishi, ginseng, maca come along. Treat minor ailments of acne, rosacea .. lavender, everlasting, horsetail, milk thistle are there…. and it's a dance ... which must be kept, which cannot remain. Then comes another chapter ... how do all these people get along, do all these plants help each other? do some have some animosities and would hold back on each other?

And then in the end, what would we want? remove dead skin ... should you rub or let the fruit enzymes do the work? and put myself in your shoes, imagine myself preparing for a real ritual, or even use this mask very quickly ... and dose each time so that it can be effective without being aggressive, and to consider the possible synergies with the other products in the range .... and ask me where I want to take you? In a lush garden on a beautiful summer day? or in a cozy winter garden warm under a fine drumming rain ... or in Marrakech, in a hammam?

And from there, imagine what olfactory universe I want to deploy for you. Jasmine? or Myrrh ... or maybe the scents of lavender mixed with sage ... 

Designing a cosmetic product is first and foremost a story of love and seduction .... It is an alchemy game where you are the most beautiful plant in this composition .... and it is always magical for each composition of this fact is unique. Like an alchemist, I must believe without seeing. But as I am having trouble, I ask you the question. 

Our desire is to create a complete range respectful of you, of the planet, which would suit as many of you as possible. And like an apprentice alchemist who still finds it hard to believe without seeing, we are happy to craft these products by always asking you where you want us to take you. Because it is not more intimate than the touch of a skin, we would like to know how to touch you. 

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