Argan oil, a magical treatment for skin and hair

l'Huile d'argan, un soin magique pour la peau et les cheveux

I discovered argan oil almost twenty years ago. I gave training in IT and I often traveled to teach.

So I found myself a weekend in Fez, Morocco. I do not know if you know the city, it is sublime, ancient, you walk in the old town as in a universe taken out of the history books. 

Craftsmanship is king there, and between silver jewelry and hand-tinted leathers, I came across the medicinal plant market, and among the treasures discovered, I got to know the miraculous argan oil !

So I discovered this seed that comes from a tree that grows in the desert. For miles and miles, only the argan tree is able to grow in this arid desert.

I discovered this seed so hard that the goats have to ingest it, digest it and restore it in order to be able to extract from it such a precious oil ... a vegetable gold. 

I discovered it beautiful for my skin, for my hair, my nails, of a rather weak odor, it fits perfectly in my bathroom, in my travel bag, for me, for children ... 

Wild plant par excellence, there is no way to domesticate it today, it only grows in a very specific area of the desert, it is picked by the women of this desert region and has always been a beauty secret. of the inhabitants of the desert. 

So why is argan oil so good?

As xerophytes, plants and trees that grow in unusually dry conditions develop an exceptional ability to thrive in a harsh and harsh environment.

This property is transmitted in everything that makes up the plant, even in the oil produced by a tree such as the argan tree, giving the oil the ability to reduce dryness in the skin.

As we age, our skin is less able to produce the necessary oils that keep it toned and plump looking.

Dry land plants and trees like the argan tree provide compounds that support the skin as it matures, or is exposed to arid conditions. 

In its native Morocco, Argania spinosa or argan oil is used both for culinary and topical use for the skin and hair.

Its dry climatic origins give the plant both morphological and physiological characteristics such as a deeply rooted system that allows it to survive in conditions of severe water deficiency.

Special waxes for dry conditions help keep plants hydrated. The unsaponifiable phenols create a protective matrix in the oil which in turn helps older skin to protect itself effectively with similar conditions.

The exceptional vitamin E content of argan oil helps protect against the oxidation of poly and monounsaturated fatty acids, important actions where temperatures are high and light relentless.

The antioxidant properties help protect our skin from damage that can occur in everyday life due to the sun and various weather conditions.

It is therefore natural that the choice of argan oil was made for the composition of our day cream. The Rose and the Dragon and our Couvre Moi d'Or care serum


And you, have you ever used argan oil? in care? in the kitchen? 

What is your choice for oil or oils? do not hesitate to tell me in the comment below and share in your favorites if you have appreciated !.

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